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Zemana key logger and Comcast’s Constant Guard

Here is one that tried to kick my butt.

A client calls in a panic because all of a sudden her computer, a HP Elite Book tablet, is giving the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. client says that nothing has changed and no new programs have been added. I get to the client and run a start up repair, which asked if I wanted to restore the laptop, I say yes and about 15 mintues later the laptop boots up fine. I thought that was the end of it. Two days later the client gets the BSOD again and states that it occurred after she turned on her laptop after it being off overnight. I walked her through the repair and had her leave the computer on until I could get there.

So here is what I found, the laptop was blue screening on a file called keycrypt64.sys which was part of a program called zemana anti key logger. I checked programs and features and found it on the list and attempted to remove it. The removal wizard asked for a code to complete the uninstallation but would not take the correct code. I did a google search online and found that it was a legit program and some people hadproblems with the program. There was n’t a site that I trusted enough to click to get further info. One post did mention Comcast’s Constant Guard but I tried to go command and remove it through the registry… Big Mistake. Afterrenaming keycrypt64.sys and rebooting, I get another BSOD butthis one referencing the file hpqkbfiltr.sys. Dam, Dam. Know I don’t want to go further because things aren’t looking so good. I do some more googling and find that hpqkbfiltr.sys is related to HP’s quick keys menu and I find out that Zemana anti keylogger comes bundled with Comast’s Constant Guard. So I want to do is get the computer back upso I can uninstall the Constant Guard and call it a day. Since the hpqkbfiltr.sys file didn’t seem too important, I figured that I wold rename that one too and see if I could get the laptop up. Well, Thank God I was working on a tablet because when I rebooted after renaming hpqkbfiltr.sys, my keyboard and mouse were inoperable, but, I could use the stylus on the screen. So I uninstalled Constant Guard and renamed hpqkbfiltr.sys back to it’s oringinal name and rebooted. WHO’S YOUR DADDY NOW ZEMANA! Zemana, gone, Laptop, No more Blue Screen of Death, two and a half hours later I look like the hero. Yeah I have to admit that BSOD did hit me and it hurt a little but in the end I put the smack down on that puppy!

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