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What’s in your budget?

Pop Quiz.

1. How much are you spending on IT?
In a 2014 online survey of 1000 businesses with  11-499 employees 20% spent less than $2500, 7% spent between $2501 and $5000 and 7% spent between $5001 and $1000 that year.

  1. How much does it costs your firm when a computer, your server, your Internet service or another piece of technology is down?

A InformationWeek article reported in a survey that IT Downtime results in $26.5 Billion in lost revenue. Some of the findings include;

  1. Businesses suffered 14 hours of downtime per month.
  2. 56% of North American enterprises do not have a formal disaster recovery plan.
  3. One of the primary obstacles that is preventing organizations from investing in a disaster recovery policy is cost.
  4. Small enterprises lost, on average, more than $55,000 in revenue due to IT failures each year, while midsize companies lost more than $91,000 and large companies lost more than $1,000,000.

Recent advancements in technology now make Disaster Recovery options affordable for the under 25 employees sized firms.

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