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As dumb as it may sound … Reboot the darn device!

All week I have been running into the most complex problems solved by the simplest of methods.

I spent a whole day at a client’s site battling the internet connection on their main server. Any computer using the main server for DNS resolution could not connect to the internet. If I change to a external DNS server, I could surf. In addition the main server could not ping the router but all other computers could. This is a brand new server which I spent two weekends on with nary a hiccup and the first Monday I put it in production, BAM! It blows up on me and now I have a office full of people who can’t get on line. I called HP who made the server, they were of no assistance. I called Microsoft to open a case and waited 4 hours for a chance to part with $250.00 so they could assist me in solving the problem. Five minutes before they called and with the office empty, I decided to reboot the firebox just because I had nothing else to do. Son of beeswax!, that worked! Yippe, don’t have give up $250.00.

At the same location I have been battling a hp designjet printer. I changed the ip address and was able to get to the web interface but the bugger will not print. I attached it via the server, via the IP address and used the client installation that found the printer but still no dice. After a couple of days off and on, I decided to reboot the printer and of course, it worked!

so what is the moral of the story here boys and girls? When in doubt, shut it off and turn it back on!