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Reactive vs Proactive Technology Services

Tale of two firms.

Firm #1 calls me in the afternoon to inform me that a computer had frozen up and upon rebooting is giving a message that the hard drive has failed. I tell them, I will pick up a hard drive and come out in the morning to replace it. I spend about 2 and half hours reinstalling the operating system and software and configuring the computer back to the way it was.

I received a automated alert via email that a computer in Firm#2 has bad blocks detected on a hard drive and imminent hard drive failure. I pick up a hard drive and make arrangements to arrive after hours where I successfully cloned the failing hard drive to the new one in about an hour.

So let’s review; both firms suffered hard drive failure as is common with office computers, both firms had to pay $75 for the replacement hard drive but that is where the similarities end. Firm #1 additional costs were 2.5 hours of my time and most importantly one computer was out of commission for almost 6 hours, three in the afternoon and 2 and half the next day which means the user of that computer could not do their work. How much did that cost Firm #1 in lost revenue generating potential? Meanwhile Firm #2’s additional cost was 1 and a half hours for me coming out after hours, the user was able to continue working through the day as the drive had not yet failed and was able to work the next day with a new hard drive. Firm #2 does also pay an additional monthly fee to remotely monitor their computers with the costs being far less than the revenue and productivity losses suffered by Firm #1.

This is the difference between reactive and proactive technology services, which firm are you?

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